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Additive Groups


Sika ViscoCrete - High performance superplasticizers based on PCE (PolyCarboxylate Ether) technology, invented in the early 2000´s. Today Sika has since then Sika ViscoCrete range was continously developed further.


Retardan additives are very efficient retarders used in Gypsum Industry since decades available as liquid or powder. Sika Tard-900 is a cement retarder for non structural elements. 


Sigunit for sprayed concrete caused on acceleration to increase strength development.

Foam Agents

SikaPoro a combination of onionic and cationic tenside plus a foam buster produces fine and very stable foam for e.g. gypsum board industry.

Grinding Agents

SikaGrind products are used in the milling process to increase production, to optimize the use of energy and to improve the binder properties.

Other Products

SikaFiber, Fibercast or Fibermesh are used in dry mortar or shortecrete to increase stability, impact and wear resistance.