Additives for Boards and Precast Industry

Sika® ViscoCrete® G-2

Sika ViscoCrete® G-2 is a high-performance superplasticizer and water reducer in liquid form, based on Sika® ViscoCrete® polycarboxylate (PCE) polymer technology.

SikaGrind® GP

SikaGrind GP is a powered grinding aid for enhanced gypsum fine-grinding.

Sika® Poro G-210

Foaming agent for producing stable foams. Stable foam is generated from SikaPoro G-210, water and air by processing with a foaming device. This foam is added to the initial fresh binder paste or mortar in the running mixer.

Retardan® L

Retardan® L is a high-performance set-retarder in liquid form for use with calcium sulphate (Gypsum) based binders.

Retardan®-200 L

Retardan®-200 L is a highly efficient liquid set retarder for calcium sulphate (Gypsum) based binders.

Retardan®-2010 L

Retardan-2010 L is a liquid high-performance set retarder for calcium sulphate based binding materials.