Sika's Commitment for Sustainable Gypsum Products

Sika understands the challenges of the gypsum industry and has developed innovative additive solutions for efficient water reduction and setting-time control, assisting with sustainable and cost-optimized gypsum board production. Using its expertise Sika is able to develop plant specific, tailored solutions. The product range also includes additives in powder form which can be applied in gypsum and cement-based dry-mortar systems.

Sika is able to Innovate

In a marketplace that faces challenges such as higher costs for raw materials and energy, faster growth in emerging economies and growing global competition, it is vital to be able to innovate. Since its foundation in 1910, Sika has shown this ability repeatedly and will accelerate in doing so.

Award for Innovation
At the Supplier Conference of British Gypsum (Saint-Gobain Group) in late 2011, Sika Limited was awarded the “Supplier Innovation Value Opportunity 2011 Award” for its new generation gypsum additives which were rated as “Highest Scoring Cost Saving Idea”.

Sustainability is Integrated

It is in this interest that we invest in research. In the future, this approach will remain crucial to our success, and we will anticipate and respond strongly to major challenges ahead such as energy and resource efficiency, climate change, water scarcity, efficient infrastructure and air quality. These challenges demand new solutions which are directly linked with our company’s growth. Consequently we need to ensure that sustainability is integrated effectively into our management and business methods, our research and development strategy, marketing and sales activities, production processes and into our collaboration across company lines. As a company with a strong innovative tradition, Sika not only develops creative solutions, we also engage in sharing this tradition across company lines with our partners in trade and industry.