Block Materials

Block Materials

Automotive design model made of Labelite range. The combination of superior surface quality and the use of dedicated adhesive Labelite Glue enables an easy painting with lowest appearance of glue lines. Credit: Estech Design

Design and Styling Boards

Light PUR foam boards are most favoured materials thatdesigners prefer to work with to create shaped forms or styling prototypes/models.These specially formulated boards are offered from 0.08 to 0.35 g/cm3 density with optimum balanced mechanical and thermal properties. All boards feature excellent machinability by hand or CNC milling, producing mainly shavings and minimal dust while delivering a fine and non-powdery surface.

High quality master models made of SikaBlock® M680/ M700 provides highest dimensional accuracy

Model and Tooling Boards

Medium density brown boards are the ideal material for making master models or moulds for short series of parts. From 0.45 to 0.70 g/cm3 we offer a complete range to satisfy every preference of model makers in mechanical strength, thermal resistance and, of course, surface aspect. Prolab boards display the smoothest surface aspect in such category in the market place while SikaBlocks® are thermally the most resistant and stable.

Gauge with high dimensional accuracy milled out of Prolab 75

Boards with Very High Dimensional Stability

For composites tooling we offer epoxy boards with very compact surface aspect, high dimensional stability under heat and pressure to produce prepreg moulds or parts in autoclave and up to 130°C. We offer medium to high density PUR tooling boards from 0.78 to 1.7g/m3 with high mechanical strength and sufficient heat resistance up to 100°C combined with high dimensional stability. Their performance package makes them suitable for applications such as checking fixtures, gauges, vacuum forming tools, low pressure RIM-moulds as well as metal sheet stamping tools.

SikaBlock® M945 provides excellent milling behaviour with low dust formation

Boards for Tooling and Foundry Applications

SikaAxson offers a wide range of tooling boards specially dedicated to make foundry patterns and cold core boxes. Model-makers can select the most suitable board for their requirement in durability: abrasion resistance level from low to higher series of sand mouldings to be made as well as strength and dimensional stability. These boards are cost effective alternative solutions to metallic patterns and cold core boxes for most foundry processes up to medium size serie